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12 Product Management Myths

Busting the Most Common Misconceptions About Product Management

This guide dispels 12 pervasive myths of product management, by offering data to support truths and guidance around how to better understand the profession. We also reveal the most dangerous mistake companies can make when it comes to product management. 

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Collecting and making sense of customer feedback isn’t a walk in the park for product managers and marketers. The collection process is a big analytics challenge across various channels, and it can take months to set up a first version of a feedback collection and implementation process—and years to get it right, especially as the size of your customer base grows.

Conversely, many customers feel that providing feedback is simply too time consuming, too annoying, and too much of a hassle. It’s much easier for them to simply uninstall an app or search for a competitor, and move on to the next alternative. Customers don't feel heart or listened to, which results in heartache and frustration.

But it doesn’t have to be this hard. There are easier ways to gather customer feedback and turn it into your brand’s biggest strength, unique only to your business. This guide outlines the possibilities.


Use mobile as a vehicle to listen and respond to customer conversations.


Communicate intelligently with your customers at the right place, right time, and with the right people.


Glean insights, learn, and take action based on customer feedback.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Incorporate customer feedback into your product roadmap the right way
  • Make realistic business-driven decisions while also working within technical constraints
  • Gather more feedback from customers and what to do with that input
  • Engage with customers at the right time and place without scaring them away
  • Navigate product requests from sales
  • Adopt a customer-centric approach to product management
  • Get more in-depth and actionable insights out of NPS
  • Preserve your differentiators while innovating enough to keep up with the competition