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4 Lessons from Product Management Experts

Learn strategies from product pros at Auth0, Mailchimp, SAP Concur, and more.

Whether you’re new to the product management field or a seasoned professional, it’s always valuable to learn from your peers’ lived experiences. From learning more about their career path to predicted trends to general tips and advice, there’s no shortage of lessons to be learned that can ultimately help you develop and become a better product expert yourself.

We recently sat down with four management product experts and asked them about their experiences in this field.

This guide breaks down four of the key lessons we learned from them including answers to the following questions:

  1. What do you think are some of the most common challenges faced in product management
  2. What are some trends you anticipate happening in the next 3-5 years for your particular industry?
  3. What strategies do you use to prioritize your product roadmap? What tools or methodologies do you use?
  4. What have been your favorite ways to connect and get feedback from your customers?

A better way to communicate with customers:
Humanize the mobile experience


Use mobile as a vehicle to listen and respond to customer conversations.


Communicate intelligently with your customers at the right place, right time, and with the right people.


Glean insights, learn, and take action based on customer feedback.