Google Play Store Ratings Changes: Learn What’s Changed and Shift Your Strategy to Win

Get the facts on the recent Google Play Store changes and how you need to change your ratings strategy 

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At this year’s Google I/O conference, big changes were announced around how its Play Store app ratings work. These changes are similar to the changes ushered in by iOS 11 two years ago. Now, in both app stores, recency matters more than ever before. And that means being able to manage your fans is more important than it’s ever been.

In this on demand webinar, Christy Culp, Apptentive’s Head of Customer Success, and Red Russak, Apptentive’s Senior Account Executive, share what’s changing with Play Store ratings; what we already know from collecting current Play Store ratings data and comparing it to “suggested forecast” data; and how you can shift your ratings strategy to capitalize on the changes.


Christy Culp

VP of Customer Success

Red Russak

Senior Account Executive

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Join us live on May 15th at 10 a.m. PST to learn how apps in different categories compare and compete. Apptentive CEO and Co-founder, Robi Ganguly, and VP of Customer Success, Christy Culp, will help you better understand how your app stacks up against others in your industry and provide key takeaways you can immediately implement in your own mobile strategy. They’ll uncover how engagement metrics impact an app’s discoverability, loyalty, and retention rates by drilling down into app store category specifics.

Data included is from both Android and iOS apps in the Food and Drink, Travel, Finance, Shopping (Retail), Media, and Lifestyle categories.

You'll learn: 
  • Category-specific tips to improve mobile customer engagement, retention, and feedback
  • How ratings and reviews impact each vertical, and how they stack up to each other
  • Average response rates to in-app surveys and messages by app category
  • Average interaction and response rates by app category
  • Actionable tips to overcome these challenges, no matter your starting point
  • And much more!